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Empowering Young Women to Thrive

We believe in living a life without limits!

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You Are More Than Enough

Life is full of challenges, and it can be daunting to navigate life by yourself. At Sisters-in- Arms in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, we can guide you in being a strong, independent woman. We believe that ladies deserve to live life without limits.

Founded by Mary Lourdes Saenz, the nonprofit Sisters-in-Arms  supports girls and young women. We teach them to manage finances, apply for work, and develop their God-given skills.


We offer long-lasting solutions to enable young women to break the cycle of poverty and empower them to establish a safer &  better future. Our personalized programming bolsters confidence within and provides the knowledge necessary for young women to actively define their lives.


A world where women do not live in poverty and are treated with respect and dignity. 

 Strong families that shape the world around them.


Every woman has the right to realize her full potential and achieve financial independence, and we can equip them with the proper education and the tools they will need.


We strive to empower women to achieve economic independence and acquire personal development skills so they can thrive 

in work and in life.


She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future “Proverbs 31:25”

Poverty often affects women the most, and its effect can cause long-lasting trauma. A woman's needs must be addressed In order to improve the quality of her life--and this also extends to her family. We recognize the significant role of a woman in economic development. To uplift those in poverty is the smart thing to do as well as being socially & morally right.

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