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Inspired by others to build a world where young women feel loved and supported.

.Sisters-in-Arms is a 501 (c) 3 committed to carrying on the mission of investing in women because others invested in us


From our Founder

I met a young woman at a school for girls. Her name is Morgan, and her story really touched my heart. I sat with her, two counselors, and another volunteer. She told us about her accomplishments and challenges and shared her daily routine of catching the city bus at 5:00 a.m. with her two-year-old son.

I looked at her and exclaimed, "You are only 14 years old!" and she then said to me, "I don't want him to grow up in foster care like me.'"

I couldn't believe the strength of this young woman - only a child herself. I think about her every day. I feel compelled to help her and other young women secure a future they can look forward to and change their circumstances.

I want to start by rooting and building a solid foundation within them by putting God in their hearts and building friendships & routines that create a solid sense of belonging. Self-worth is the groundwork of progress.

I have built a community of professional women that will help educate young women in the following areas: etiquette classes, instruction in how to look and dress with confidence, money management skills and more----all will be reinforced with Bible studies. My team will meet the young women where they are in life and help them take their next steps. Believing in them until they believe in themselves.

Every young woman deserves a life defined by responsibility, dignity, peace & courage.

Mary Lourdes Saenz, Founder

About Mary Lourdes Saenz

Entrepreneur and community advocate, Mary Lourdes Saenz has been driven by a passion to contribute to making the world a better place for young women and girls for many years. Inspired by community leaders over the ​past couple of years, Mary restarted her entrepreneur journey after closing a business impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


She is grateful for those that invested and believed in her when she needed it the most and has made a commitment to building an organization that will give that same inspiration to young women aging out of foster care in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Mary's vision is to build a world where young women feel empowered, supported, and valued so they are able to thrive in work and life.

On the left- Mr. Dwight Hibbard. His kindness and belief in Mary gave her the confidence to restart her business and not give up. Because of him, she looks forward to a better future where she can help others, just as he did for her.

On the right - Mr. and Mrs. Marx are the parents of Mary Marx, President & CEO of Pace, an organization that transforms girls' lives and changes direction for a better future. Mr. Marx volunteers his time by tutoring students in math. Because of them, Mary learned of the challenges the girls face every day.

Meet Our Board

We are honored to be building a strong board of passionate individuals that mirror our mission. These individuals give of their time and hearts in their roles and are helping us grow with us a strong foundation and strategic focus.

If you are interested in joining our board, please connect with our founder [email protected] 

Steph McFee

Vice Chair

Steph is "the WHY Coach" helping women build and grow businesses. Steph supports our overarching strategy development, as well as providing coaching and insight to our founder.


Jack Paul


Jack is an experienced product owner with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is working to build our budget and business plan for future financial growth and sustainability.


Tanya Foreman


Tanya is a partner with RezLegal, a boutique business and healthcare law firm prioritizing our clients needs and creating a memorable experience. She supports SIA with organizational development and documentation.


Blair White

Marketing Chair

Blair is a retired educator and social media strategist working with clients on growing their online presence. She oversees our social media and marketing outreach.


Karl McGarvey


Karl is "a builder of successful enterprises," as a consultant, entrepreneur and investor, 

Karl's breadth & depth of business experience makes an impact on Sisters-In-Arms in various areas.